Journal Articles

Horner, R., S. Schindler, D. Haberly and Y. Aoyama (In press) ‘Globalization, uneven development and the North-South ‘big-switch’, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society.

Horner, R. and D. Hulme (In press) ‘From international development to global development: new geographies of 21st century global development‘, Development and Change, DOI: 10.1111/dech.12379

Horner, R. and K. Nadvi (2017) ‘Global value chains and the rise of the global South: unpacking twenty-first century polycentric trade‘, Global Networks, DOI: 10.1111/glob.12180 Blog post here

Horner, R. and J.T. Murphy (2017) ‘South-South and South-North globalisation: diverging socio-spatial practices of Indian pharmaceutical firms’, Global Networks, DOI: 10.1111/glob.12159 Blog post here

Horner, R. (2017) and D. Hulme (2017) ‘Converging divergence? Unpacking the new geography of 21st century global development’, GDI Working Paper 2017-010, Manchester: University of Manchester. Blog post here

Horner, R. (2017) ‘Beyond facilitator? State roles in global value chains and global production networks‘, Geography Compass11 (2), DOI: 10.1111/gec3.12307

Horner, R. (2016) ‘A new economic geography of trade and development? Governing South-South trade, value chains and production networks”, Territory, Politics, Governance, 4 (4), 400-420. Blog post here

Horner, R. (2016) ‘Pharmaceuticals and the global South: a healthy challenge for development theory?’, Geography Compass, 10 (9), 363-377. Blog post here

Horner, R. (2015) ‘Responding to the rising power “threat”: pharmaceutical MNEs and the IP “institutional void”’, Critical Perspectives on International Business, 11 (3/4), 285-300. Blog post here

Horner, R. (2014) ‘Postgraduate encounters with sub-disciplinary divides: entering the economic/development geography trading zone’, Area, 46 (4), 435-442. Blog post here

Horner, R. (2014) ‘Strategic decoupling, recoupling and global production networks: India’s pharmaceutical industry’, Journal of Economic Geography, 14 (6), 1117-1140. Blog post here

Horner, R. (2014) ‘The impact of patents on innovation, technology transfer and health: a pre- and post-TRIPs analysis of India’s pharmaceutical industry’, New Political Economy, 19 (3), 384-406.

Horner, R. and Y. Aoyama (2009) ‘Limits to FDI-driven growth in Ireland: A newspaper content analysis for investment, upgrading and divestment’, Irish Geography, 42 (2), 185-205. [Re-published in Carmody, P. and P. Kirby (eds.) (2009) The Legacy of Ireland’s Economic Expansion: Geographies of the Celtic Tiger, Routledge, London].

Journal commentaries

Horner, R. (2014) ‘Pharmaceuticals: patents and beyond’, Yojana, February (special issue on public health): 52-55.

Horner, R. (2013) ‘The global relevance of India’s pharmaceutical patent laws’, Economic and Political Weekly, XLVIII (31), 16-18.

Book Chapter

Aoyama, Y. and R. Horner (2011) ‘Service innovation’, in Cooke, P., B. Asheim, R. Boschma, R. Martin, D. Schwartz and F. Todtling (eds.) Handbook of Regional Innovation and Growth, Edward Elgar.

Book Reviews

Horner, R. (2016) ‘The Rise of the BRICS in Africa: The Geopolitics of South-South Relations’, P. Carmody, Book Review, International Development Planning Review, 38 (3), 339-340.

Horner, R. (2014) ‘The future of South-South economic relations’, A. Najam and R. Thrasher (eds.), Book Review, Economic Geography, 90 (2), 241-242.

Horner, R. (2013) ‘India’s new economic policy: A critical analysis’, W. Ahmed, A. Kundu and R. Peet (eds.), Book Review, Contemporary South Asia, 21 (3), 345-346.

Aoyama, Y. and R. Horner (2010) ‘World Bank World Development Report 2009’, Book Review, Journal of Regional Science, 50 (5), 1001-1004.


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